2020 Impact Report

In March 2020, 60% of our cultural sector’s income evaporated when COVID-19 threatened the sector’s central mission of “gathering people together” through the arts. The sector tightened its belt, applied for PPP (paycheck protection program) and pivoted to new ways of connecting with audiences and donors. And as our country witnessed the social and economic devastation of a global pandemic, the pent up demand for a racial reckoning and the divisiveness of the 2020 presidential election, we were reminded of the power of the arts to heal, hold truth, and inspire change. The challenges of doing “the business of the arts” remain strong during and after the pandemic, as does SVCREATES‘ commitment of resources to help the sector recover and be a force for positive change.

We’re thrilled to share our annual community impact report to show the results of our work from 2020. Click here to read and download the full report as a PDF. Please feel free to share with those you think may be interested.