Artsopolis Network: Incubated and Launched

Artsopolis was developed in 2003 by Arts Council Silicon Valley, now SVCREATES, in an effort to raise the visibility and accessibility of our local arts ecosystem. It has since evolved into one of the nation’s leading online calendaring and cultural engagement platforms. Today, Artsopolis serves tens of millions of arts and culture consumers across 50 U.S. communities — from Boston to Houston to Sacramento and beyond — and has nearly 200 “syndication” partners relying on the Artsopolis technology platform to deliver local cultural content each day.

Given Artsopolis’ national reach and SVCREATES local focus, it was time for Artsopolis to become its own private corporation. In December 2017, under the leadership of founder Jeff Trabucco, Artsopolis did just that and continues today as a private company.