Between 2016 and 2020, X Factor Pitch Camp and X Factor Grants supported entrepreneurial and innovative ideas to advance the arts and creativity in Santa Clara County—ideas that are relevant and effectively presented to a panel of non-artists.

Through training and coaching, SVCREATES encouraged organizations and artists to develop and test new programs and messages that resonate with potential donors and audiences and amplify mission. The best pitches and new ideas received one-time grants. This program was made possible with support from SVCREATES’ funding partners including Applied Material Foundation and the County of Santa Clara. 


X Factor Arts—Pitch Camp, Pitch Play-Offs, and X Factor Grants—was both an investment in artistic projects and a professional development opportunity. The goal was two-fold: to help organizations strengthen messaging (pitch training) and to help organizations experiment with new programs (X Factor Grants). Many pitches resulted in innovative artistic projects and unique new productions and exhibitions. The program was suspended during the COVID pandemic in 2020


The top four pitches annually received $10,000 grants to support the delivery and execution of the idea or concept. Click here to learn more about the 2017, 2018, and 2019 X Factor Grantees and their projects.


SVCREATES is continuing to provide communications training in an online format. Please visit our home page for information on upcoming workshops.


Click here to learn about past X Factor Arts Grantees.

If you have questions about the X Factor Arts program, please contact: Alyssa Erickson (408) 998-2787 x204 or via email