Big Ideas, Deep Dives

SVMindshare is a new kind of roundtable that enlightens, inspires, and encourages. One that offers outside expertise, and practical tools and strategies for the issues most relevant to your work. Leaders in the arts need dedicated time to reflect and recharge with their peers in the field. SVMindshare meets regularly in small group discussion sessions to dive deep into the most pressing questions facing the cultural sector today. Over the course of the series, arts leaders develop invaluable new networks, better understanding of challenges across artistic disciplines, and increased confidence in their own leadership capacity.

What We Do

We facilitate a series of roundtable conversations devoted to high-level topics affecting cultural leaders' work, calling, and industry including strategic planning, success metrics, work and life balance, best practices, and arts advocacy.

Who We Serve
  • Management-level nonprofit arts leaders (staff or board) seeking to strengthen their peer network and to play a role in the greater Santa Clara County arts community
  • Collaborative thinkers committed to a culture of learning and sharing
  • Preference given to representatives of current or recent SVCREATES grantee partners
Why It’s Important

As established creative sector leaders retire and the arts nonprofit model is challenged by the forces of digital culture, demographic shifts, and the changing nature of “creative consumption,” it is vital to leverage local talent, prepare the sector for the next generation of audiences, navigate new economic realities, and bridge the past with the future. The critical role the arts play in our local communities has never been more evident, and an activated network of leaders with a common language will provide voice and visibility to the sector.

What’s Been Done
  • Completed five year-long series of SVMindshare
  • Served over 50 local arts leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds and artistic disciplines throughout Santa Clara County
  • Enabled the formation of deep relationships, collaborative programming, advocacy, and peer support during challenging times and triumphs
What’s Next
  • The 2023-24 SVMindshare cohort has been selected. 
  • The 2023-24 session will include five lunchtime meetings between September 2023 and May 2024. 
    • Please contact Alyssa Erickson, SVCREATES Program Director with any questions,
    SVMindshare 2023-24 Cohort

    Aly Gould

    Pacific Art League of Palo Alto

    DeAnna Pursai

    College of Adaptive Arts

    Ivette Deltoro

    Teatro Visión

    Jessica Punzalan

    Local Color

    Kathryn Sanwick

    Peninsula Women's Chorus

    Kimberly Snyder

    New Museum Los Gatos

    Leianne Lamb

    Contemporary Asian Theater Scene

    Melissa Jones

    Silicon Valley Shakespeare

    Pedro (Aquihua) Perez

    Calpulli Tonalehqueh Aztec Dance

    Ruben Dario Villa

    Gilroy Arts Roundtable / Gilroy Arts and Culture Commission / SJ Public Arts Advisory Council

    Samuel Cortez Balderas

    Los Lupeños De San José

    Stephanie Barajas

    Center for Cultural Innovation / genARTS Silicon Valley

    Viera Whye

    San Jose Multicultural Artists Guild

    SVMindshare Alums (2017-2022)

    Wilson Alexander Aguilar

    Sinjin Jones

    Lee Ann Payne

    Mary Beth Anderson

    Stacey Crespo Kellogg

    Robert Pesich

    Lauren Baines

    Patrick Klein

    Karen Rapp

    Nancy Bavor

    Max Koknar

    Dalia Rawson

    Doug Brook

    Joshua Lanam

    Rosalinda Sanchez

    David Brown

    Lucy Larson

    Elizabeth Santana

    Matt Casey

    Gordon Lee

    Cheryl Scales

    Bobby Chastain

    Trudy Levy

    Mattie Scariot

    Trami Cron

    Tamara Liu

    Angela Shillace

    Chloe Crotzer

    Sally Logothetti

    Louis Stone-Collonge

    Priya Das

    Andrew Lowd

    Vinita Sud Belani

    Ami Davis

    Heidi Lubin

    Moses Taylor

    Tony Ferrigno

    Christine Mendoza

    Annalisa Tkacheff

    Charles Frost

    Kim Mesa

    Bree von Faith

    Nadine Frush

    Verónica Meza

    Ann Watts

    Carman Gaines

    Shoko Michael

    James Williams

    Barbara Galiotto

    Dawn Murakami

    Sonja Wohlgemuth

    Leigh Henderson

    Kristina Nakagawa

    Lihong Zhang

    Applications for the 2024-25 SVMindshare Session will open in April 2024

    "Highly relevant, both personally
    and professionally."

    "I got just what I hoped for
    ideas on how to do my job better
    and excellent professional

    "The fact that this program is
    tailored to arts executives
    separates it from other
    leadership programs."

    "Alyssa Byrkit (program facilitator)
    is a gift: thoughtful, responsive,
    compassionate, touching us
    spiritually as well as intellectually.
    Leaving each meeting feeling
    inspired to keep going, and
    sometimes with a new thing to try,
    has been most helpful."

    "The most powerful tool SVCREATES can provide is the supportive network you have built for all local nonprofit arts organizations. You keep us regularly connected, allowing us time and space to listen and learn from our colleagues. Maintaining this unwavering and supportive network is invaluable."