San José Live Music: Incubated and Launched

In 2009, SVCREATES (then 1stACT Silicon Valley) launched a live music initiative in downtown San José in partnership with San Jose Jazz and several music promoters and venues. Over the course of the next several years 1stACT invested over $400,000 in live music at venues and festivals such as San Pedro Market, Headley Room at Hotel De Anza, Fairmont Hotel, Left Coast Live, Summer Fest, Café Stritch and others. In 2010 1stACT Program Director, Brendan Rawson, was “loaned” to San Jose Jazz for two years before he was appointed Executive Director in 2012 and the Live Music Initiative was embedded in San Jose Jazz.  San Jose Jazz continues to be the  leader of live music in downtown San José through Summer Fest, Winter Fest and the BreakRoom.