What We Do

ArtsWeb is a flexible, relationship-based network that connects artists, arts groups, creative entrepreneurs, service providers, and resources to preserve, strengthen, and empower our local arts ecosystem. SVCREATES approach to supporting this ecosystem is based on our understanding that customization of resources and authentic relationships help us to amplify and expand the “Web” that is the foundation of our broadly diverse arts community.

ArtsWeb provides a suite of resources and services that build the capacity of our local arts ecosystem. We have shifted our framing of these services from “acceleration” of the arts to an integrated approach of maximizing the inherent strengths and power of our local arts community itself. As “venture culturists” we:

  • Steward a portfolio of arts organizations and artists with grants, workshops, coaching, peer support roundtables, and more
  • Distribute unrestricted support to small to midsize arts organizations each year, as well as project grants for arts experiences for high need populations 
  • Deliver a full calendar of conferences and workshops on a variety of topics  
  • Provide one-on-one coaching for arts leaders and artists, referrals to vetted professional service providers, and technical support grants 
  • Map the network of relationships in our local arts ecosystem through our ArtsWeb database
Who We Serve

We customize our services for approximately 100 small and midsized arts organizations and artists each year and provide a range of opportunities for Silicon Valley’s entire arts ecosystem. Our portfolio reflects the artistic, cultural, and geographic diversity of Santa Clara County.

Why It’s Important

The arts are essential to a vibrant, creative, livable, and economically healthy region. The proliferation of wide-ranging cultural, ethnic, and traditional arts is a hallmark of Silicon Valley’s cultural landscape. Accordingly, we have made supporting and nurturing the institutional capacity and artistic relevance of innovative arts organizations paramount to the fulfillment of our mission. It is particularly vital that we help the local arts community remain resilient as it faces demographics shifts and the ups and downs of Silicon Valley’s economic climate.

ArtsWeb supports and advances our three capacity building goals to::

  1. Cultivate, preserve, and advance an arts ecosystem that reflects and embraces the diversity of our region
  2. Catalyze capacity and resilience in our historically under-resourced arts ecosystem, with a particular emphasis on arts organizations led by, employing, and   serving communities disproportionately impacted by limited access to resources
  3. Provide access to arts experiences to historically under-served audiences or population
What’s Been Done
  • Awarded over $10M in operating and project grants since 2012
  • Produced and delivered dozens of conferences, workshops, and roundtable discussions
  • Strengthened the marketing, fundraising, and administrative capacity of over 300 arts organizations and artists
  • Nurtured, coached, and connected over 100 arts leaders through our leadership development and executive coaching program
What’s Next
  • An integrated suite of workshops, peer support roundtables, individual coaching, and town halls planned for 2023-24
  • Peer Support Roundtables will be facilitated for over 80 arts professionals and cultural workers in a range of artistic disciplines in 2023-24
  • The sixth cohort of  SVMindshare will support selected arts leaders on their leadership journey
  • Increase in funds to be distributed through SVCREATES' Operating Grants Program
  • Expansion of support to geographic edges of Santa Clara County through the Gilroy Elevate the Arts Initiative and the Gilroy Arts Roundtable
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